Planning ahead

It is never too early to start thinking about your future. There are so many options for you once you leave school; from apprenticeships and college, to the armed forces and self employment. Often, young people don’t have the opportunity to learn about the vast range of industries available to them, and don’t see many potential career paths open as options to them. This can leave you feeling confused, lost and alone in the decisions you have to make once the time comes. Here at TAS we have a dedicated careers adviser, Azz Mirza. Azz’s services are open to all pupils throughout TAS, not just those who are due to leave school.

Azz has previously worked with college pupils at Accrington & Rossendale college and has been in the education industry for many years. He is passionate about helping young people make these difficult choices, ensuring they are informed and excited about the path they are hoping to take. As well as assisting with college and job applications, Azz is on hand for any general advice regarding careers, CV writing, interview techniques and more.

If you wish to contact Azz to discuss any of the above further, or to have a chat about what career path you may want to take, send him an email on

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