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Since The Alternative School was founded in 2007, it has always committed itself to developing an innovative and personalised programme of study to meet the demands of an alternative form of education for those young people who do not succeed in a mainstream environment.

The School’s pupils are from a wide range of settings i.e. excluded, SEND (Special Education Needs), home educated, CLA ( Child Looked After) or with their own individual needs and styles, the founder, along with the original advisory board set up its corporate aim as the `provision of quality and alternative, yet personalised education`. 

The ultimate purpose is to ensure that every young person referred to the school has the opportunity to learn and achieve current and meaningful academic qualifications and valuable new experiences linked to The Duke of Edinburgh Award, in order to prepare them for their next step in to further education, apprenticeships or the world of employment. 

I strongly believe that every young person can achieve their full potential, should they be offered the right support and environment in which to thrive.

One thing that has contributed to the continuous growth of The Alternative School is its collaborative development with its partners – schools, agencies, local authority, pupils and parents/carers. The Alternative School aims to further improve this through the formation of individual advisory boards, further develop the board of non-executive directors and introduce a team of associates, made up of local and national senior and experienced educationalists. 

An excellent staff team is the most valuable resource of The Alternative School and it is the founders intention to provide supportive and flexible working conditions, a focus on health and well-being along with a strong ethos and culture of opportunity for on-going professional development so that employees may grow together with The Alternative School. 

We employ both qualified and unqualified teaching staff, with the opportunity to study for your PGCE whilst working with us and all staff are encouraged to undergo weekly CPD, internal and external courses and progress to Masters level and Management qualifications, such as Senior Leaders (NCSL) and Headship (NPQH). 

Your time at The Alternative School would be both enjoyable and rewarding with a clear emphasis on the school supporting your professional development and knowledge base so that you too in time have the opportunity to become an inspirational leader within education, just as soon as you feel ready. 

We look for the `right fit` first, whether you are an already qualified teacher or leader, or from a completely different vocation we look forward to hearing from you and welcome new ideas, knowledge and passion onto the team. 

Regular positions we advertise for – Volunteers, Trainee Teachers, Qualified Teachers, Senior Leaders, Admin and Adventurous Activity Leaders, Senior Interns, apprenticeships, lunch assistants and domestic staff. 

If you feel that The Alternative School could be right for you, please get in touch using the contact form.