Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance

Our dedicated Careers Adviser, Azhar Miras, works across all TAS schools, providing advise and guidance for TAS pupils, from KS2 – KS4. You can contact him on, or call 01282 851800 and select option 4.

We believe that all students should be supported, stretched and challenged in every lesson during their school-based education so that they can achieve and make choices to help them to live a happy, successful life.

Each child is unique and therefore needs individualised education, information, advice and guidance to enable them to make aspirational life choices so that they succeed and can discover their potential.

The TAS Curriculum allows for all pupils to individualise their timetables and choose qualifications dependant upon their chosen career paths.

All pupils will complete a Careers Action Planning Booklet which will take them through from key stage 2 to 4. This will help the pupils identify where they are, their current skillset and what they need to improve on to get to where they want to be.

Students receive 1:1 careers interview with an independent, qualified and highly experienced careers adviser – follow up appointments can be arranged to meet students’ needs.

Weekly Careers Chats

Pupils have a Careers Action Planning Booklet which they will work through during the week. This gives students the time to consider and research different aspects of their future and explore the opportunities available to them. Class teachers will also discuss their progress with them on an individual basis, this will help pupils to identify priority areas to work on and understand the link between the progress they are making in lessons and their futures.

Work Experience

All year 10 and 11 pupils are able to book their work experience at any point throughout the year depending on their progress with class work and vocational development. The purpose of work experience is for students to have an insight into a career path which they are interested in pursuing. Work experience placements must therefore be arranged or chosen according to their highlighted career path. Prior planning and preparation is therefore crucial and students who are struggling to find or arrange a beneficial placement will be supported and given a range of opportunities to clarify their interests. 

TAS Vocational Studies

A stepping stone from secondary education to college, TAS vocational studies offer a wide range of vocational qualifications.  Full and part time placements are offered with added work experience   

College Campus Tours

Throughout the academic year, TAS staff will be organising a number of college campus tours to show the pupils what life at a college is like.

World at Work Days

Guest speakers from across a wide range of industries will be invited in to TAS centres throughout the academic year to give talks about their industry and where possible offer a practical, hands on activity to give pupils a taste of their role.