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We offer a range of GCSE’s, BTEC qualifications and the Duke of Edinburgh for all of our Year 10 and 11 pupils.

We have a creative curriculum (see policy) for the following key stages.

  • Key Stage 1 – Stars
  • Key Stage 2 – Rainbows
  • Key Stage 3 – Bronze
  • Key Stage 4 – Silver
  • Key Stage 5 – Platinum


The Alternative School aims to provide an alternative and personalised experience for those young people who are not attending mainstream provision and would have therefore left school without any qualifications and with low self-esteem.

We aim to take a more holistic approach and to support both the personal and educational needs of young people, helping them to overcome a wide range of barriers to learning, and to develop themselves into confident, articulate and well- rounded young individuals who leave school with a range of appropriate qualifications and a clear transition plan to further education and/or training. 

We therefore intend to… 

  • Devise with each young person an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that relates directly to their emotional and social well-being, topics and activities that they enjoy and that lead to accredited qualifications in line with National Curriculum requirements, pupil individual needs, level of learning and specific learning styles 
  • Monitor and track progress on an individual basis both formally and informally 
  • Develop a whole curriculum framework for KS1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 to include project and voluntary work, creative and practical projects, competitions, charity events and fundraising awareness, outdoor adventurous activities, STEM educational visits,  safeguarding programme and guest speakers, The Duke of Edinburgh`s Award, a wide range of academic and vocational options and our 5 core subject areas – CSI (Maths, English, STEM), Entrepreneurship, Personal and Social Development, Vocational (KS4), Humanities (KS3) and the Duke of Edinburgh`s Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.