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What B’s mum has to say about The Alternative School 

“My son struggled in mainstream schools and TAS was his last chance to get an education. He started as a year 10 in March and by July he had already gained 2 recognised qualifications with another school year to go! The staff change their teaching techniques to suit my son, on a daily basis. The home school communication is fantastic and I count every member of staff as my friend. His teacher rings me whenever I have any concerns and we work together to help her get the best out of my son. All the pupils call the teachers by their first name which, I think, makes them feel like they are equals, and that helps build their confidence. They know my son as well as I do and know what stresses him, and how to get the best out of him. In his last school my son suffered badly from stress and his attendance was 34% and it is now over 80%. Even the proprietor, Kirsty is available for a chat and she even rang my when she was on holiday! My son is the happiest that I have ever seen him and I do not know what we would have done it we hadn’t found TAS! They are now preparing him for when he leaves them and moves on to College, which would not have happened if he had stayed in mainstream education.” 

“TAS has turned my son from being an underachiever with low self-esteem, to a young man with the world at his feet and the confidence to be whatever he wants in life.” 

“Every member of staff actually cares about my son and his future, as much as I do.”