TAS Covid19 Statement

We want you to know that we take the safeguarding of our pupils very seriously and we are remaining open to ALL vulnerable pupils, those pupils who wish to attend school and we have also devised a comprehensive learning package for all pupils at home, self isolating.
All of our TAS teaching team have been been working hard on a personalised remote learning package for each and every pupil, to ensure that they will receive a minimum of 2 hours of education daily, 1:1 contact by phone, video or face to face where appropriate and plans in place to ensure that our safeguarding protocols are still being followed.

Education will happen through –
Flipped Teaching Videos
Live video calls through Skype, Messenger Video, Whatsapp
Pre-recorded lessons
Workbooks / revision books
Phone Apps
On-line learning packages, Websites (BBC, MyMaths etc)
Prepared work delivered to the outside of homes and collected for marking
(Staff will still be out checking on pupils, however will be waving through windows instead of direct contact in some cases)

All calls and teaching updates will be added to Behaviour Watch and our most vulnerable children’s and families monitored also by our SLT/Central support team. A new Remote Teaching & learning Policy and Home Working Policy to safeguard staff and pupils has also just being written to ensure that ALL pupils can receive an education either in TAS or at home.

Our message is that education will continue for all TAS pupils, this may be in a more creative way than what we are used to, however all staff and pupils appear excited about this challenge and we will keep everyone informed of what we are doing.

Warm regards,
TAS Team